About the Author

R.J. Barna was born in New Jersey in 1983 and adopted by a Pennsylvania family. His life since has continued in the fashion, starting off one place and winding up somewhere altogether unexpected. After finishing high school in the bottom third of his class, failing out of two colleges and chickening out of an acting career, he found some sense in studying English while working as a security guard for the university across town from his childhood home. A member of two honor societies, an active player in school productions, co-founder of a community outreach club and recipient of

the school’s literary/art magazine award, R.J. was accepted into the only graduate program to which he applied (Binghamton University) and later received a fellowship to the only college he ever vowed not to attend (St. Bonaventure University), where he finally realized some of his truest passions: teaching, writing and being of service to others. Since, he has been teaching Literature, College Composition, Technical Writing and Speech and counting his lucky stars for having gotten so lost that he could finally find his way home.

And sometimes he writes…