You are an Agent of Redcrosse, a clandestine operative in service to a shadowy organization hidden on Roanoke Island: the Redcrosse Collegium Obscurra. In the rapid expansion of turn-of-the-century America, industry and mystery collide, encouraging wild tales that threaten the unspoken truce between mortal and magickal worlds. Your mission is to chase down the source of these tales, mystic or mundane. Maintain balance, protect college interests and advance your own without the industrialized cattle of “civilization” ever knowing you were involved.

Also available: use this specially designed deck to “Draw the Map” during play.

1-6 Players
Recommended ages 12+

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CRASH! BANG! BOOM! Something bumps in the night and wakes you up in a terrible fright. Flee through your room to the hallway light, over the clutter that lies out of sight. Encountered a BUMP? It’ll be alright. Head back to bed, and try again with the benefit of hindsight!

A memory card game that stimulates the fancy-fueled fright of fleeing one’s bed through a cluttered room to the safety of a hallway nightlight. Each move overturns a ? floor card and reveals a SAFE or BUMP result. A BUMP sends you back to bed and obscures your progress. Make it to the door and pass the GUARDIAN to win!

1-2 players
Recommended ages 5+

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Forced to crash-land on a hostile planet, can the brave survivors of the Gemini Fare collect resources, overcome challenges, and repair the ship before the dreaded Recyclons return to finish them?

A cooperative OR competitive Scifi adventure game.

1-5 players
Recommended ages 8 +

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Aquack, me hearties! Take command of an adorable, duckling pirate crew to loot, plunder, and ruffle feathers along well-traveled merchant routes. But be ye warned! Too many waves may just wake a terror from the deeps… THE QUAKKEN!

A cooperative OR competitive high seas adventure. Add more decks to include more players. Optional rules allow for more complex or easier play!

1-2 players,
Recommended ages 10 +

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