Tale Chasers Series

Silus T. Halstead is a paranatural investigator with a talent for finding the truths behind unbelievable tales. He and his friend James, a lawyer and dime-novelist, have been on the case, dissolving fear and preventing panic around American myths and legends. Their latest adventure finds them on the trail of a beast that has been devastating Nevada settlements, claiming the skins of its victims. With Silus’s own detective agency working against him, he and James must turn to a shadowy organization of mystics and witches, the Redcrosse Collegium Obscurra, for aid. The uneasy alliance, along with companions encountered along the way, must work together to uncover this mystery and reclaim the West.

Silus T. Halstead is a Pinkerton Special Agent on the trail of a paranatural serial killer targeting small Nevada towns and claiming the skins of its victims. After a difficult journey west and a deadly gunfight with his own agency, he and his friends are forced to follow separate paths under constant threat of man, beast and the indomitable desert. Trails of blood flow in all directions toward conflicting truths of this twisted tale.

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I LOVED this book!!! The story is so exciting and so witty, I’d actually laugh out loud at some parts, while also anxiously gripping the book at other scenes. The scenes, the author did a great job at visually depicting the scenes, so well, that you can see it while you’re reading.


The author does an incredible job of painting a vibrant picture where you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the action. The characters grow on you throughout the book in such a way I found myself cheering them on when they made break-thrus in the case and holding my breath when they are attacked. The plot brings just enough fantasy into the mix to bring pause and make you question the reality of what’s possible in our world. If you’re looking for an exciting, fun read, look no further than Tale Chasers.


 I was immediately drawn into the characters and fell right in step with the eccentric Pinkerton Agent Silus. The author paints an intriguing world of science and magic amidst the backdrop of turn of the century America. I would consider this a page turner, as the compelling characters and situations as well as interesting use of mythologies had me hooked, and eager to find out what would come next. 

-Willy B.