Works that need work

Time Enough for Some

Created for Black Library’s 2019 call for submissions.

Plot Synopsis: On a Hive World like any other, a splinter cell of the Ordo Chronos covertly adjusts temporal irregularities under direction of their mysterious Timekeeper. Palomeanae Solus, an Acolyte on the cusp of promotion to full Inquisitor, and her team have all but completed their mission and are anxiously awaiting extraction in three standard days. Their timeline is unexpectedly altered when a Guardsman’s report of a suspected anomaly embroils the agents in a conspiracy that pervades the gang-controlled habs, lavish spiresuites and gold-peaked vestibules of the Ecclesiarchy alike. With the help of her retinue – a childhood friend turned Servitor, a recurring Ratling, a redundant Psyker and their Jokaero secretary – Solus seeks answers that may bring a little of the Emperor’s order to an all too troubled era, even at the hazard of heretical delay.

To Any King a Crown

“As is true of most magickal things, Boggarts can only be found when you aren’t actually looking for them. Even the most observant of travelers may find themselves wandering directly through the heart of Bogland without so much as a hint that the fetid swamp is actually populated by a foul and unpleasant race of mischievous goblins. It is in this very way that I, Magister Mendel the Meanderer, did discover the “Grand Muchness of Bogland (or so they call it),” as I had no interest, and have none still, in the wretched community there in the runoff of Centralia’s southernmost sewers. But, as there may be some benefit in putting a face to many of man’s mysterious miseries, I submit to you now as true an account as can be told of the bothersome brutes of Bogland.”

The Year 2000 as Written in 1985

ACT 2 of the play The Year 2000 as Written in 19XX (demonstrating the narrator’s hopes, fears and expectations of the year 2000 during 3 distinct time periods of his life: 1965, 1985 and 1999). Special thanks to project team members Jake Garner and John Meholic, and Dr. Rebecca Steinberger’s Theatre in Performance class.

Bearing Humbler Gods

“Huck certainly had her doubts about the new boss, Robert Zydeck, who after two years of seeming invisibility, had suddenly emerged to flex his executive muscle: new helo, new uniforms, new hires, and invented positions: none particularly practical or informed. For the op at hand, a personnel retrieval from hostile territory with a seemingly endless supply of unknowns to consider, she was fortunate that he had placed his faith in her command, or at least, kept his doubts to himself. Whether or not it was an effort to avoid culpability, Huck didn’t care. When it came to uncertain situations, she didn’t want a stiff-collared suit calling the shots. She may not be in the Corps anymore, but she was Semper Gumby: forever flexible.”